About Us
Оnce upon a time, like sincere movie fans, we had a dream - to organize a festival that would break a million movie hearts with our special and dissimilar works.When the war started, we faced the question: how to help our country? The answer was simple, because the only thing we are good at is cinemaNow is the time when you need to realize your plans and shout about important things, when you can't be silent, so our festival was created to popularize Ukrainian cinema and support humanitarian organizations in Ukraine.There will be presented documentary, fiction and animation short films from all around the world. We are going to unite artists, celebrate life together and give possibility to feel better for the ones who need this
Our team

Dariia Zahorodnia

Program & Production

Student at Karpenko Kary Kyiv University of Film and Television and Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound. During her studies, in 2020 she won 3 pitchings for full technical support from the Dovzhenko National Studio. She was also employed in few productions and public organizations as a general producer. In 2022, she is one of the main organizers of the Mriya International Film Festival.

Eva Zurian

Program & Coordination

Student of the Karpenko Kary Kyiv University of Film and Television, where she is studying as a producer. She has worked as a line producer, administrator, and creative producer for various short films and film festivals, including Docudays UA, Molodist International Film Festival, Kyiv Critics Week, KISFF, and smaller Ukrainian film festivals. She currently serves as the Program Director at Mriya International Film Festival, as well as a producer and distributor for 15 short films.